Make Prospecting Happen EVERYDAY

Designed to help even the most average sales person prospect DAILY

About 30 Minute Sales

Statistically, 12 to 14 touches are required before a lead or prospect will buy, the average sales person stops at the second touch.

Typically there is no further pursuit of new business because that average sales person either does not know what to do to further engage with a perspective customer or they are just too busy.

30 Minute sales system is designed to help even the most average sales person prospect daily and at a very minimum of 30 minutes per day.

Meet the Author

My name is David Norcross. I have been married to the only girl I ever dated for 43 years and am the father of two daughters who are two of the most amazing women you will ever meet. I have two wonderful grandchildren and one on the way! My passion is spending time with my wife, cooking and taking care of our 4 acres. Life’s highlight for me now is being able to see my daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren.

I began my career 44 years ago in the printing industry. After working in manufacturing serving in lower, middle and upper level management roles, I ventured into sales and never looked back. My passion is sales and marketing and helping others find a solution. When I first entered into sales my wife was a stay at home Mom and I had two small daughters. My initial sales venture was a risk simply because I had never worked in outside sales. My first months in outside B2B sales was a rocky one and was an experience that I will never forget as it shaped my sales career from that point forward. After my first 6 months on the job I had zero sales and was dead last in the company sales competition. At this point, my wife was scared but I knew that I could make it in this world. After a very hard conversation from my sales manager and alot of drive and hard work, I began to send out 5 letters per day and make 5 follow up phone calls per day. This was at a time where there were no cell phones, no internet and no emails. Just a phone book, a phone, a fax machine and direct mail. It was at this time I began to gain new appointments and new customers. This is when the foundation of the 30 minute sales system was formed.

Since those early days, I have been fortunate enough to sell millions of dollars of printing, advertising and marketing services. Over this time the system of sending out 5 letters per day and making 5 phone calls per day has evolved into sending sales campaigns that consist of letters, emails, social media connections, direct mail pieces and multiple follow up phone calls. This system was designed for the sales person who has zero customers and sales people who have large books of business. Bottom line, prospecting must happen everyday and 30 Minute Sales is a system that provides structure to a hectic sales day. I use this system myself everyday and have built many new territories using this philosophy.

It is my hope that you will find just one snippet of information within the pages of this book that will help you to grow your sales for years to come.

Good Luck and Be Dynamic!


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30 Minute Sales

Designed to help even the most average sales person prospect DAILY

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